The journey towards life less complicated

What to do when you want to cut down the hours you work to have more ‘me time’, yet keep doing everything you love with less disposable income? You become a savvy squirrel!

Almost four years ago I left my full-time job and started working part time for a charity. Soon after my husband became self employed. Suddenly we had the quality of life and leisure time we had been looking for but a significant dip in earnings meant we had to adjust our spending accordingly. Luckily our lifestyle had never been extravagant.

Little by little we learned new savvy tips of how to make the most of our money without sacrificing our values (such us using local, independent businesses instead of seemingly cheaper multinational chains) or what we really enjoyed doing, such as socialising and travel. Those tips and ideas will appear on these pages – covering everything from the use of lemon juice to the benefits of rail & travel cards.

Welcome aboard!


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